quinta-feira, janeiro 29, 2009

Big Youth

Big Youth - Some Great Big Youth
1. World War Three (Big Youth, Buchanan, Manley)
2. Living
3. Roots Foundation
4. Get on Up
5. Dancing Mood
6. Time Alone Will Tell (Big Youth, Buchanan, Manley)
7. Suffering
8. Love Jah With All of My Heart
9. Green Bay Killing (Big Youth, Buchanen, M)
10. We Can Work It Out (Big Youth, Lennon, John)

quarta-feira, janeiro 28, 2009

Barrington Levy

Levy de 82! Linval Thompson Producer!
Poor Man Style

She Is The Best Girl
Don't Give Up
True Love
Poor Man Style
This Little Boy
Rob And Gone
I Can't Wait Too Long
Man Give Up
I Love, I Love You

Big Youth

Big Youth - Rock Holy
1. Living
2. Rock Holy
3. Love Jah Jah With All My Heart
4. Many Moods Of Big Youth
5. Get On Up
6. We Can Work It Out
7. Time Alone Will Tell
8. Dancing Mood
9. Bang Dibo

terça-feira, janeiro 27, 2009

Barrington Levy

Prefiro os albuns mais antigos dele , porém esse lançado em 84 é muito bom!
Destaque para a musica que da nome ao album.
Money Move

Money Move
Jah Saved My Life
True Love
I Feel Free
Hard To Believe
Come In A Dance
Suffer The Little Children


Gentleman - Another Intensity
Quando vi a capa não acreditei que o som podia ser tão bom. Soh escutando pra poder comprovar, destaque para as participações do Sizzla, Alborosie, etc.
1. Evolution
2. Tranquility (Acoustic)
3. Lack of Love (feat. Sizzla)
4. Different Places
5. Round The World
6. Serenity
7. Soulfood
8. Celebration (feat. Alborosie)
9. Mount Zion
10. The Light Within (feat. Diana King)
11. In Pursuit Of Happiness
12. Rage & Anger
13. Respond To Yourself
14. Missing Those Days
15. Hosanna
16. Jah Love (feat. Jack Radics & Daddy Rings)
17. Sin City

Ras Shiloh

Ras Shiloh - From Rasta To You

1. Complain (Feat. Garnett Silk)
2. Rolling With Life Blows
3. Who Can’t Hear
4. Child Of A Slave
5. It’s The Truth
6. Give I Strength (Feat. Buju Banton)
7. Remember The Times
8. Save A Little Love For Me
9. More Than I Can Say
10. Trodding
11. From Rasta To You
12. For Once In Your Life
13. Far Too Long
14. Running Away From Love
15. Men Love Your Women
16. Are You Satisfied
17. Guilty Conscience

Lutan Fyah

Lutan Fyah - You Bring Blessings

1. Desire To Get Higher
2. Never Get Enough
3. Hammer Dem Down
4. You Bring Blessings
5. Never Stop Hail Rastafari
6. Break Free
7. Babylon Keep On Telling A Lie
8. Stand In My Way
9. She's My Sunshine
10. No More Pillow Talk
11. Spend Some Time
12. So Much Guns In The City
13. After All (Ft. Norris Man)

segunda-feira, janeiro 26, 2009

Corey Harris

Corey Harris - Zion Crossroads

1. Ark of the Covenant
2. No Peace for the Wicked
3. Heathen Rage
4. Sweatshop
5. In the Morning
6. Fire Go Come
7. Walter Rodney Intro
8. Walter Rodney
9. Afrique (Chez Moi)
10. Cleanliness
11. Plantation Town
12. You Never Know
13. Keep Your Culture

sexta-feira, janeiro 23, 2009

Derrick Morgan

Coletânea com os melhores sons do genial Derrick Morgan.

Moon Hop - Best of The Early Years

1. Fat Man (1960 Version)
2. Feel So Fine (With Patsy Todd)
3. Teach Me Baby
4. The Hop
5. See And Blind
6. Forward March
7. Housewives Choice (With patsy Todd)
8. Be Still (1962 Version)
9. Are You Going To Marry Me (With Patsy Todd)
10. Blazing Fire
11. No Raise, No Praise
12. Look Before You Leap
13. I Found A Queen
14. Don't You Worry (With Patsy Todd)
15. Street Girl
16. I Am A Blackhead Again
17. Starvation
18. Heart Of Stone (With Naomi)
19. Around The Corner
20. So Wonderful (With Naomi)
21. Don't Call Me Daddy
22. My Lover Has Left Me
23. It's Alright
24. I Want To Go Home
25. Tougher Than Tough
26. Greedy Gal
27. Kill Me Dead
28. No Dice
29. I Mean It
30. Do The Beng Beng
31. What A Revenge (With Desmond Dekker)
32. You Never Miss Your Water (With Pauline Morgan)
33. Got You On My Mind
34. Real Ring Ding
35. Horse Dead, Cow Fat
36. Someone (With Pauline Morgan)
37. Do You Love Me (With Pauline Morgan)
38. I Am The Ruler
39. Conquering Ruler
40. Gimme Back
41. Woman A Grumble
42. Want More
43. King For Tonight (With Pauline Morgan)
44. Don't Say (With Pauline Morgan)
45. Me Naw Give Up (With George Agard)
46. Ben Johnson Day (With George Agard)
47. Copy Cat (With George Agard)
48. What's Your Grouse
49. Johnny Pram Pram (With Desmond Dekker)
50. Be Still (1968 Version)
51. Fat Man (1968 Version)
52. Hold Your Jack
53. Seven Letters
54. Moon Hop

quinta-feira, janeiro 22, 2009


Dillinger lançado em 77. Esse album é monstro! Destaque para a faixa "African World Wide".
Talkin' Blues

African World Wide
Truth And Rights
Don't Take Another Mans Life
Trial And Crosses
Jah Love
Mind Your Own Business

terça-feira, janeiro 20, 2009

Big Youth

Big Youth - Progress

1. Hurting Inside
2. Green Bay Killing
3. Suffering A The Poor Man Cry
4. Truth And Rights
5. Progress
6. Pope Paul Feel It
7. African Do Deh
8. Red Dress Lady
9. The Fullness Thereof
10. Stepping Out A Babylon

Mikey Dread

Mikey Dread - Happy Family
A pedidos da galera o bang ta postado ae

1. Happy Family
2. Your Love
3. Good- Bye
4. African Soldiers
5. Nelson Mandela
6. Perfect Woman
7. Come Back
8. Ready to Settle Down
9. Seagull
10. I See Jah


Seguindo com mais um do Pionners. Desta vez uma coletânea reunindo só as pedradas, que são tantas que não couberam em um só cd.

Let Your Yeah be Yeah - Anthology
Doreen Girl
Good Nannie
Never Come Running Back
Whip Them
Them A Brawl (Some Of)
Shake It Up
Give Me A Little Loving
Dip And Fall Back
No Dope Me Pony
Catch The Beat
Me Naw Go A Believe
Na Na
Miss Eva
Don't You Know
Ali Button
Who The Caps Fits
Easy Come Easy Go
Pee Wee Cluck Cluck
Long Shot Kick De Bucket
Black Bud
Poor Rameses
Samfie Man
Driven Back
Simmer Down Quashie
Battle Of The Giants
Get Ready (Yeah)

I Need Your Sweet Inspiration
Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
Give & Take
Message To Maria
Let It All Hang Out
You Don't Know Like I Know
Roll Muddy River
Come On Over To My Place
World Needs Love
Time Hard
I Believe In Love
At The Discotheque
At The Club
Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Pony Express
Keep Your Mouth Shut
Little Bit Of Soap
I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
Jamaica Jerk Off
My Special Prayer
Feeling High
Bust Them Shout
Pusher Man
Them A Wolf
My Woman


Vocais fantásticos, sensacionais, formidáveis!!!

Best Songs Vintage Roots - 196x - 197x

01 - Nosey Parker
02 - Feeling High
03 - Run Run Run
04 - Nine Pound Steel
05 - Oportunity
06 - Hundred Pound a Clay
07 - Red Gun Court
08 - My Woman
09 - Chucky
10 - Time Hard
11 - Pretty Blue Eyes
12 - Drift Away
13 - Tree Oak Tree
14 - Warm and Tender Love
15 - What A Feeling
16 - Rasta Man Country

segunda-feira, janeiro 19, 2009

Big Youth

Big Youth - Isaiah First Prophet Of Old

1. World In Confusion
2. Writing On The Wall
3. Zion
4. Isaiah First Prophet Of Old
5. Lord Jah Bless
6. Reaping Time
7. Love We Deal With
8. Upful One


sábado, janeiro 17, 2009


Não sei como ainda não tinha postado Dillinger no blog. Segue ai seu primeiro album tambem conhecido como "Babylon Fever". Lançado em 1975, produção de C.S.Dodd. Baxa ae e confere o mestre.
Ready Natty Dreadie a.k.a(Babylon Fever)

Natty Ten To One
Babylon Bridge
Dub Them Rasta
Babylon Fever
Ready Natty Dready
Fountain On The Mountain
Leave The Area
Set Jah Jah Children Free
Jamaican Collie
Killer Man Jaro'

quinta-feira, janeiro 15, 2009

Pablo Moses

Como pedido, está postado.

Artista : Pablo Moses
Album : A Song
Ano: 1980

1- A Song
2- Dubbing Is A Must
3- Revolutionary Step
4- Music Is My Desire
5- Each Is A Servant
6- One People
7- Let's Face It
8- Protect I/A Song (Reprise)


quarta-feira, janeiro 14, 2009

Queens of Jamaica

Queens of Jamaica - The Ladies Who Made Reggae
O titulo ja ta dizendo tudo. As rainhas do reggae em um soh CD. Vale a pena conferir o bang

1. (You're) My Desire - Rita Marley and The Soulettes
2. Kansas City - Joya Landis
3. Don't touch me tomato - Phyllis Dillon
4. It's you i love - The Webber Sisters
5. I let you go boy - Dawn Penn
6. Barbwire (O mama) - Nora Dean
7. Zipa dee do da - Judy Mowatt and The Gaylettes
8. Work it - Dorothy Reid
9. Sincerely - Ken Parker and Dorothy Russell
10. Take you for a ride - Girl Satchmo
11. Angie la la (Ay ay ay) - Nora Dean
12. When the lights are low - Joya Landis
13. Unexpected places - Hortense Ellis
14. Ethiopia - Carole Cole & Sister P (Aisha Morrson)
15. Aily i - Cynthia Richards
16. With all my heart - Hortense Ellis
17. Something - Phyllis Dillon
18. Give it to me (All your love) - Dorothy Reid
19. I'll be lonely - Joya & John
20. I'm Gone - Derrick Morgan & Hortense Ellis

terça-feira, janeiro 13, 2009


Jay-Z - At Studio One
Com toda e absoluta certeza o CD deve ser conferido, Jay-Z uma lenda no Hip-Hop, gravou esse CD no Studio One, acho que nao precisa de muitos comentarios, apenas deixar marcado que foi onde muitas lendas do reggae ja deixou sua marca gravando um CD la.

1. Interlude
2. December 4th
3. What More Can I Say
4. Encore
5. Change Clothes
6. Dirt Off Your Shoulder
7. Threat
8. Moment Of Clarity
9. 99 Problems
10. Interlude
11. Justify My Thug
12. Lucifer

segunda-feira, janeiro 12, 2009

Inner Circle

Inner Circle - Identified

1. Nothing New Under The
2. Rejoice
3. Language Of Love
4. Bad Boys
5. Winner
6. Black & White
7. Identify Yourself
8. Cease Fire
9. Last Crusade
10. Rasta Man
11. Bad Boys (Remix With Rap) Bad Boys

Dennis Alcapone

Segue ai o segundo álbum do mestre Alcapone. Lançado 1971 e produzido por Bunny Lee, Guns Don't Arge é com certeza um dos melhores albuns do Dennis Alcapone. 

Yeh yeeh yeeeeeeaah!!!
Guns Don't Argue

Guns Don't Argue
It Must Come
Ain't Too Proud To Beg
Everybody Needs Love
If It Don't Work Out
Teacher Teacher
Left With A Broken Heart
You Got What It Takes
World Wide Love
Someone Dacing With My Girl

Coletânea Dubwise

Esse album foi gravado só por artistas da cena russa ! Coletânia de DUB, muito boa na minha opinião, muito diversificado, desde as pegadas mais roots até uma levada mais eletrônica.
Segue aí o myspace de alguns deles pra quem quiser ouvir mais o som de cada um:
Italik Dubree
Yoseph Lion
Preecha Kungo


01. Ddro - Akuaku (Dubree edit)
02. BPMs Of Joy - Meditation Dub
03. BPMs Of Joy & Bookah - The World Goes Crazy (Dubree edit)
04. Preecha Kungo & Ddro - Frustrated
05. Preecha Kungo & Ddro - Frustrated (Yoseph Lion dub)
06. Rebelsteppa - Mission (Ddro refix)
07. Rebelsteppa - Starlighta dub
08. Yoseph Lion & Panama Prophet - Allmighty dub
09. Yoseph Lion - Myrical dub
10. Culture General - Jah
11. Culture General - Dub Prophet
12. Italik Dubree - Transformation p1
13. Italik Dubree - Transformation p2
14. Che-Back - Music4Sale
15. Che-Back - Music4Sale (Dubree version)
16. Ddro - Akuaku (Automystic version)


sábado, janeiro 10, 2009

The Meditations

The Meditations - Guidance

1. Justice
2. Jungle Feeling
3. Hard Life
4. War Mongers
5. Senorita
6. Something Looking Good
7. Life Is Not Easy
8. Play I
9. Marriage
10. Miracles
11. Woman Piabba
12. There Must Be A First Time
13. Canging Of The Time
14. Rome

sexta-feira, janeiro 09, 2009

Lone Ranger

Esse é um dos álbuns que eu mais tenho ouvido, e acho ele maravilhoso do inicio ao fim. Dificil até de destacar melhores faixas + segue minhas favoritas: Automatic,Plant Up A Vineyard e You Too Greedy. Badda Dan Dem foi lançado em 82 e produzido pelo mestre C.S Dodd.
Badda Dam Dem

Dance A Fe Cork
My Number
World War One
Fish Tea
Three Mile Skank
Badda Dan Dem
You Too Greedy
Can't Stand It
Plant Up A Vineyard

quarta-feira, janeiro 07, 2009

Bob Andy

Bob Andy - Friends

1. Rasta Come of Age
2. Friends
3. Change Your Mind
4. Spice of Life
5. Come On Over
6. Honey
7. Rasta Reggae Music
8. Going Home
9. Dubbing Home

terça-feira, janeiro 06, 2009

Clancy Eccles and Friends

Nada menos do que 25 faixas de Clancy Eccles com participações de primeira qualidade.

Fatty Fatty

  1. Clancy Eccles - Fatty Fatty
  2. The Fabulous Flames - Holly Holly
  3. The Dynamites - Phantom
  4. Eric Monty Morris - Say What You're Saying
  5. Larry Marshall - Please Stay
  6. Cynthia Richards - Foolish Fool
  7. The Dynamites - Mr Midnight
  8. Eric Monty Morris - Simple Simon
  9. Clancy Eccles All Stars - C.N Express
  10. Joe Higgs - Mademoiselle
  11. The Beltones - No Good Girl
  12. King Stitt & Andy Capp & The Dynamites - Herbsman
  13. Clancy Eccles - Auntie Lulu
  14. Busty Brown - Don't Look Back
  15. Eric Monty Morris - My Lonely Days Alone
  16. The Dynamites - John Public
  17. The Silvertones - Old Man Say
  18. The Beckford - Easy Snappin
  19. Barrington Sadler - Soul Power
  20. Clancy Eccles - Bag A Boo
  21. Drumbago & The Dynamites - Dulcemania
  22. Busty Brown - Here Comes The Night
  23. The Silverstars - Promises
  24. The Dingle Brothers - I Don't Care
  25. Barrington Sadler - Rub It Down
  26. The Dynamites - Rathid

segunda-feira, janeiro 05, 2009

Stanley Beckford

Fazendo uma ponte com o post anterior, este é um dos álbuns solo do Stanley Beckford. Disco recente, lançado em 2004.
Com um pé no mento, um dos ritmos jamaicanos mais tradicionais, Stanley gravou alguns sons famosos como 007, I'll Never Grow Up e Israelites.


Wanted Man
Oh Jah Jah
Let The Devil Gwan
007 Shanty Town Medley
Causeway Road
Sam Fi Man
Telephone Calling
Feel Like Jumpin'
Donkey Man
Oh Jehovah

The Starlights

Álbum com gravações da década de 70, com destaque para Stanley Beckford, o vocalista, que tem uma extensa carreira solo.


Born Again Rasta
Dip Them Jah Jah Dip Them
Queen Of Sheba
Hold My Hand
Boderation (Some A Weh A Bawl)
Family Court
You're A Wanted Man
Donkey Man
Your Mother Never Know
New Jamaica (Come Sing With Me)
John's Lane Rock
Samfiman (Take 2)
Mamma Dee
Don't Call Me Daddy (Chiney Baby)
Feat. Trinity - Oh Jah Jah
Big Bamboo
Soldering (Version)
Dip Them (Version)

domingo, janeiro 04, 2009

Errol Dunkley

Continuando com Errol Dunkley, onde neste álbum de 1987 é possível notar diferença em seus sons se compararmos aos álbuns anteriores.

Este disco foi lançado com dois nomes, por dois selos diferentes: Special Request, lançado pela Carousel e Nostalgia, lançado pela Gargonites.

Special Request aka Nostalgia

1- Mount Zion
2- Soon Come
3- Pirate Song
4- Praise The Lord
5- Chant Them Down
6- Gal Awa Me Do
7- Love Of My Woman
8- Strictly Sensemilla
9- Left With A Broken Heart

sábado, janeiro 03, 2009

Errol Dunkley

Album de 1980. Destaque pra faixa título, militante de primeira qualidade!

Agora durante as férias vamos tentar atender aos pedidos de repostagem. Aos poucos tudo fica no lugar de novo!

Valeu a todos que nos visitam! Um feliz 2009!

Militant Man

1- You've Been Bad
2- You're My Number One
3- Happiness
4- Militant Man
5- The Look Of Love
6- Girl Be True