terça-feira, janeiro 20, 2009


Seguindo com mais um do Pionners. Desta vez uma coletânea reunindo só as pedradas, que são tantas que não couberam em um só cd.

Let Your Yeah be Yeah - Anthology
Doreen Girl
Good Nannie
Never Come Running Back
Whip Them
Them A Brawl (Some Of)
Shake It Up
Give Me A Little Loving
Dip And Fall Back
No Dope Me Pony
Catch The Beat
Me Naw Go A Believe
Na Na
Miss Eva
Don't You Know
Ali Button
Who The Caps Fits
Easy Come Easy Go
Pee Wee Cluck Cluck
Long Shot Kick De Bucket
Black Bud
Poor Rameses
Samfie Man
Driven Back
Simmer Down Quashie
Battle Of The Giants
Get Ready (Yeah)

I Need Your Sweet Inspiration
Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
Give & Take
Message To Maria
Let It All Hang Out
You Don't Know Like I Know
Roll Muddy River
Come On Over To My Place
World Needs Love
Time Hard
I Believe In Love
At The Discotheque
At The Club
Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Pony Express
Keep Your Mouth Shut
Little Bit Of Soap
I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
Jamaica Jerk Off
My Special Prayer
Feeling High
Bust Them Shout
Pusher Man
Them A Wolf
My Woman

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drumsy disse...

I've Searched for this Pioneers anthology for a long time. Thank you for making my day..drumsy.