quinta-feira, agosto 30, 2007

John Holt

John Holt - John Holt Like A Bolt
O cara é foda, rocksteady clássico e muito bom, vale a pena conferir.

1. I'm The One To Be Blamed
2. Tonight
3. Write Her A Letter
4. I´m Your Man
5. Ali Baba
6. I'll Be Lonely
7. I See Your Face
8. I Want You Closer
9. I'm Coming Home
10. Time And The River
11. Have You Ever Been To Heaven?
12. Let's Build Our Dreams
13. All My Life
14. Thief In The Night
15. Darling I Love You
16. What You Gonna Do Now
17. Working Kind (Chokin´ Kind)
18. Sister Big Stuff (Mr. Big Stuff)

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