quarta-feira, agosto 25, 2010

Lee Perry

Mais um post duplo, mas dessa vez atendendo a pedidos do pessoal do twitter (@edubongo), sempre que tiverem pedidos é só entrar em contato que vamos tentar atender o mais rapido possivel. Dois albuns do Lee Perry, puro peso!!

Lee Perry - Chicken Scratch
1. Please Don't Go
2. Chicken Scratch
3. Feel Like Jumping
4. Solid As A Rock
5. By Saint Peter
6. Tackoo
7. Roast Duck
8. Man To Man
9. Gruma
10. Jane Ann & The Pumpkin
11. Just Keep It Up
12. Puss In Bag

Lee Perry & Friends - Ethiopia
1. Stay Red
2. Ethiopia
3. I Am...I Said
4. How Deep Is Your Love
5. News Splash
6. Power to the Children
7. Give Praises
8. Irie Irie
9. Let Love Touch Us Now
10. Want-A-Wine
11. I'll Take You Home
12. Bless the Weed
13. Mumbling and Grumbling
14. Thanks We Get


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edubongo disse...

só pedrada, 2joints! valeu mermão!