quarta-feira, junho 30, 2010

Dennis Alcapone

Wake Up Jamaica

Compilação de Dennis Alcapone de sons dos anos 70.
Dj Style só com os monstros do early reggae. Muito foda esse play e impressionante o bom gosto do Capone pra escolher as musicas onde ele vai rimar.
Destaque para "Judgement Day", "Teach The Children" além de 3 sons da Phillis Dillon: Picture On The Wall, The Funky Thang (Woman Of The Ghetto) e The Wedding Song (Close to You).

Ba Ba Riba Skank
Judgement Day
Cry Though
Love Is Not A Gamble
Mosquito One
Musical Alphabet
My Voice Is Insured
King Of Kings
Picture On The Wall
Teach The Children
The Funky Thang
The Great Woogie
The N°1 Station
The Wedding Song
Wake Up Jamaica

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