terça-feira, maio 25, 2010

Scientist meets Roots Radics

Dub de peso já pedido faz um tempo.
Encontro impagável, só ouvindo pra saber! A capa já diz bastante coisa:
"I'm gonna give 'dis a hard mix-down!
Yeah! Cause dis wan a go boom down de town!"

Scientist meets Roots Radics

Jah Army
Flabba Is Wild
Some Dub
Whip Them
Fighting Radics
Kill The Devils Wife
Jah Is Love
Wa Di Is Free
Best Dub On Yah
Forward Dis Ya Dub
Weep And Wail
Inforce Ah
Road Block

7 comentários:

Jah disse...

You found it! Thank you! It's just what I wanted for Christmas (along with my 2 front teeth!)

Anônimo disse...

Track #5 is missing, BTW....

Limão disse...

carai tava moh treta de achar esse mano!
mando bem!

Victão disse...

Tonight I post the correct file with the missing track

Victão disse...

Link fixed. With the track #5, "fighting radics"

Jah disse...


miguel disse...

Grazie per condividere la musica.

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