segunda-feira, abril 05, 2010

Shorty The President

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Atendendo a pedido segue ai um ótimo albúm de 1979, roots de peso no melhor DJ Style e produção de ninguem menos que Bunny Lee!

I Am A King
It's Not Everyday
Have Some Mercy
Roots Man
Baby Why
Win Your Love
Rub A Dub Style
Do My Thing
Sun Is Shining

Download(Link Fixed)

4 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

last track is missing


Jah disse...

Actually 2 tracks are missing;

#8) Rub A Dub Style

#10)Sun Is Shining

Anyone got the vinyl to re-rip?


Jah disse...

Would you like the 2 missing track?
(Rub A Dub Style + Sun is Shining)
Is there someplace/someone I can send it to?

Jah disse...

Sorry-- "trackS"