terça-feira, dezembro 04, 2007

Augustus Gussie Clarke at King Tubby's

Black Foundation Dub At King Tubby's

Augustus Gussie Clarke - 01 - Black foundation
Augustus Gussie Clarke - 02 - No, no, no
Augustus Gussie Clarke - 03 - Free zone
Augustus Gussie Clarke - 04 - Big or small
Augustus Gussie Clarke - 05 - Creation dub
Augustus Gussie Clarke - 06 - Rockers time
Augustus Gussie Clarke - 07 - Funny feeling
Augustus Gussie Clarke - 08 - Murderer
Augustus Gussie Clarke - 09 - Late arrival
Augustus Gussie Clarke - 10 - Rocking vibration
Augustus Gussie Clarke - 11 - One way
Augustus Gussie Clarke - 12 - Loving pauper
Augustus Gussie Clarke - 13 - No Entry

3 comentários:

latigo disse...

Link is dead :(
Greetings from Guatemala!

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